secure cloud computing

our beliefs

we believe that it is only through collaboration, not isolation, that society, researchers, corporations, and individuals will make best use of their proprietary data and capture their full value.

we understand that privacy-preserving computation technologies enable efficient collaboration while still preserving control, custody, trust, agency, consent, and privacy.

we challenge current barriers to entry and we do not accept that privacy-preserving computation should be difficult to develop, exclusive and expensive to own, or cumbersome to operate.

our mission

we empower everyone to engage in privacy-preserving computation and help them implement their use cases.

we provide a free and open standard and foster an ecosystem and a community for users and developers to share and learn.

we champion “fdrtd“, our proprietary architecture for distributed computing based on microservices.

we help you design convincing show cases and support you in building secure applications in the most simple fashion.

why fdrtd ?

the value of collaboration, security, and privacy

did you know 97% of companies believe analytics will improve their position, 75% of EU companies would in fact like to share their data, but only 31% actually do?

between 2013 and 2020, the European data market has been growing by 7.3% CAGR to 77.8 bn Euro – and that is only the 31% !

learn more about the value of the European data market and its key enablers: security and privacy

we all need data, but often we cannot / must not share ours

it may sound like a trick, but thanks to mathematics it is actually possible to jointly compute on distributed proprietary data – without sharing any data.

it is modern cryptography that reconciles the possibilities of collaboration with the demand for security, control, and privacy.

learn more about secure multiparty computation and other privacy-preserving computation technologies.

let us make it simply work – for everyone and everywhere

so why are your developers not already using privacy-preserving computation to solve your customers’ privacy needs?

for all its merits, privacy-presering computation is still known to only a few. and it will take a lot of heroes to make privacy-preserving computation an everyday reality.

learn more about the challenges and potential rewards for first movers.

how is fdrtd different ?

an open technology platform

fdrtd is not yet another secure protocol. it is an open architecture to run existing and well-proven protocols.

instead of “one size fits all”, fdrtd is offering actual choice to developers letting them „mix and match“ the best tools for the job.

3rd party providers are invited to make their protocols available. in this way, users find a growing ecosystem of solutions, and developers find a market to cater to.

specialised microservices

privacy-preserving computation is universal – one can do any computation in a secure way. in a traditional monolith, such universality usually comes at a high cost of complexity.

fdrtd does not even try to solve all problems at once – instead there is a dedicated microservice for every small problem. and if your particular problem does not have a service yet, then we’ll build it together.

separation of concerns

in a client/server architecture, we offload all the burden of cryptography and the heavy lifting of distributed computing to server-side. in the cloud or on premises.

an Open API 3.0 compatible interface provides access in the most transparent way. interoperability is key.

the client-side developer may then design their application without any concern for cryptography, security, distributed computing.

what are the features of fdrtd ?

simplicity & convenience

using a high-level API wrapper, write distributed applications in a single line of code. or take granular control through low level API calls.

fdrtd.Macro(<network>).  compute(<protocol>, <microservice>, <my_data>)


any two or more fdrtd servers running the same protocol and microservice will be fully interoperable. in the cloud or on premises or a mix of the two.

cooperation is possible out-of-the-box irrespective of hardware, operating systems, software ecosystems.


fdrtd will run on your desktop, on your laptop, and even on your customer’s five year old smartphone. on your Raspberry PI and on thousands of IoT devices.

the lightweight client library fits into a few kilobytes of any programming language of your choice.

start using fdrtd today

free and open source

fdrtd is available as free and open source software under the MIT license

find technical documentation, guides, source code, and a growing library of protocols and microservices at GitHub:


discuss and ask questions at GitHub. feel free to open issues, comment on changes, and help us improve the technology and software.

for individual support, please contact:


if you want to discuss secure computing on a more strategic level, we would love to have a conversation.

if you need advise or support with architecture, implementation or operation, always come talk to us.

contact bytes for life.